Splash Aquatics was founded in August of 2009.

While a relatively young club, Splash Aquatics has had a successful history of placing within the Top 5 out of approximately 30+ USA Swim Teams in the State of Hawaii.

Splash Aquatics has been successful in developing a number of our swimmers who have qualified and participated in the Western Regional Zone Championships with Team Hawaii.

In addition over the past 7 years, Splash Aquatics swimmers Victoria Zukeran, Grant Zukeran, Greg Zukeran, Kyle Sakai, Michael Sakai, Gabriel Hanaoka, Sydney Kimura, Kelcie Kimura, Caitlyn Whang have qualified as Senior Sectional swimmers which is the next level above the Western Region Zones.  In fact, for the first time in the history of our club, we sent our Senior coach along with 5 swimmers (Victoria, Grant, Greg, Kyle and Gabe) to the Senior Sectionals in March 2013.  This past March 2014, we were fortunate to again send our Senior Coach and 3 swimmers (Victoria, Greg & Michael) to the Senior Sectionals in Federal Way, WA.

In addition, for the first time ever, we sent a Coach and 6 swimmers (Tahni & Erika Kakazu, Joseph & Nahe Ahia, Inie Lui and Taiyo Endo)  to the 2014 Age Group Sectionals also held in Federal Way, WA.

Another milestone was reached this past March 2015 when Splash Aquatics was able to send 8 swimmers - Greg & Tori Zukeran, Jun Yeub Yoon, Erika & Tahni Kakazu, Joseph Ahia, Taylor Brooks and Casey Asaoka to the Senior Sectionals in Federal Way.  In addition, for the first time ever, we qualified and fielded both a Men's and Women's relay team for all 5 relay events.

A notable accomplishment and honor by one of our swimmers occurred in the spring of 2010 when then 12 year old, Victoria Zukeran was selected by USA Swimming to participate in an elite training camp, the USA Swimming Western Zone Select Camp which was by invitation only to 16 female and 16 male swimmers from across the Western Zone which encompasses 13 Western States.

This past May 2014, Victoria attended USA Swimming's National Diversity Select Camp at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.  She was one of 18 minority female swimmers (also 18 Male swimmers) selected from a pool of over 100 applicants across the country