Splash Aquatics, through the sport of swimming, promotes the growth and development of our youth and seeks to help develop valuable, character-building life-skills that reach beyond the water into all aspects of the swimmers’ lives.

Swimmers are grouped by age and ability to create an environment in which swimmers of all levels may develop to their fullest potential, achieve increasing levels of success, and have fun whether they are beginners or advanced athletes. Swimming can be time-consuming but need not be life-consuming. Parents and swimmers alike support the notion that swimming is a complement to a child’s development.

Coaches, parents and swimmers know that even though the hardest worker in the pool does not always win the race, their commitment and persistence will enable them to achieve their best, both in and out of the pool. This lesson will be of immeasurable worth, not only in each athletes swimming career, but also throughout their school years, and throughout his/her life.